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remove snails with mini-freshwater puffers

There are enough plants out there that can react badly to copper and some
fish don't especially like it either.  You will mess up your shrimp too if
you have any.  I think a far better approach is to find some of the mini
freshwater puffers.  They are about 1/2 inch in diameter and they love
snails.  I got them through the Cichlid Exchange? out of Portland.  These
guys don't bother your other fish, like the larger puffers do.  Actually the
rainbowfish outcompeted them for food so I always have to squirt a little
baby brine shrimp in their direction once they have finished off the snails.
I routinely add snails from other aquariums to keep my puffer happy now.  I
think that you'll find them to be a much better choice.  If you use
chemicals you'll probably have to add chemicals the next time you add a
plant that has some snails on it again.  With puffers they can clean out one
tank and then you can easily catch them (probably even with your hand they
are so slow) and move them to another tank.

Gary Lange

> I saw Aqua Botanic is selling a chemical called Had-A-Snail is is safe
> for use with her plants she has I think some java fern and sagarita
> grass maybe some water sprite still but I don't remember. My guess is
> it's probally some variety of copper since I know snails hate that, and
> I don't think it would hurt her fish. Have any of you used this product
> and if so how does it work.