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Re: substrates

Hey gang,

A recent post talked about cheap substrate
alternatives; specifically a "Quickcrete" mix.

If you live in North America, then you probably live
within a couple of hours of a building supply outfit.
Sandblasting grit comes in 100 pound bags and I pay
US$4.90. It comes in a variety of grain sizes, but the
ones that suit our purposes are #1-#3 with #1 being
the finest (about 1-2mm) and my preference.

I redo my tanks every 8-12 months, whether I love them
or not, so I keep a bag of this stuff on hand. The
material at Home Depot may or may not be quartz based,
and therefore safe, as the previous poster had
mentioned, but blasting grit is silica sand and quite
inert. AND not ugly.....The bright sand is a little
jarring when you first set the tank up, but quickly
get covered in plants, so big deal.

It's my opinion that the shiny sand relects a bit more
light back onto the plants so that may be another
small benefit....Every little bit helps;)

For you guys with huge tanks, this is also a
convenient way to transport and buy cheaply whatever
you decide to cover your Flourite with....God, I love

John Wheeler

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