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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1640


Your father-in-law purchased probably an agricultural grade product.

100% K2SO4, which is white, contains 18.40% sulfur, so the 17% S content
indicates about 90% pure product. I would think that either one will do
as potassium source.



Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 19:24:17 -0600
From: "Gamera" <Gamera at attbi_com>
Subject: Potassium Sulfate

In the past, I order K2SO4 from Homegrown Hydroponics.  It was a fine,
powder.  I just ran out of it recently, and went out looking for more. 
couldn’t find any at local garden centers (must be out of season), so I
decided to order some online from Light Manufacturing Company (
www.litemanu.com <http://www.litemanu.com/> ).  My father-in-law told me
would continue to look for the K2SO4 at stores while he is out and
He is semi-retired and has much more time to search for this stuff. 
he found Sulfate of Potash (K2SO4) at a garden store a couple days ago
paid $5.49 for 5 lbs.  By this time, however, I had already ordered some
Potassium Sulfate from Light Man. Co. for $5 for 1 lbs. Plus $8 shipping
handling.  I know, it’s expensive, but I figured it would hold me over
my local garden centers started stocking the stuff for spring.  My
is regarding the appropriate color of K2SO4.  The Sulfate of Potash my
father-in-law bought me is reddish-brown in color and very granular. 
only ingredients listed on the packaging are K2O (50%) and S (17%).  I
received the Potassium Sulfate from Light Man. today and it is the same
of fine, white powder I had originally order from Homegrown
Hydroponics.  It
doesn’t list the element concentrations.  Light Man. shipped the powder
in a
plain Ziploc bag with “Potassium Sulfate” written on it in Magic Marker.
The Ziploc bag was then wrapped in a brown paper bag and then shipped in
large envelope lined with bubble wrap.  Why is there a difference in the
color and texture of the two products?  Is it normal for there to be
differences between K2SO4 products?  Which one should I use?