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Strange creatures

My tank is coming along fairly well. I still have algae but now that I
got some Siamese algae eaters I'm hoping things will be more in control.
Speaking of algae, I mostly have soft, fuzzy green algae that gets very
long if it's not controlled, but every once in a while I see a different
form-thin, bare stems with smaller stems coming off the main stem and
then little tiny green ovals -they look like beads, coming off the stems.
Is this a flowering part of the algae or is this a different plant
entirely? The creatures I'm concerned about are 3/8 of an inch long, look
like little dried beans, are sort of translucent with thin, dark squiggly
lines on their bodies. They seem to move around in the water close to the
substrate without legs (that I can see) and their bodies appear to be
hard. I first noticed one, then two and now I see lots of tiny babies. My
rainbow fish don't appear to be eating them. Does anyone have an idea as
to what they could be and if I need to be worrying about them? Last
question (for now) I have an Aponogeton boivinianus and it's sending out
lots of leaves, but I'm noticing spots on the leaves that start out brown
and then seem to eat through the green parts of the leaf, leaving a
skeletonized section. I thought it was merely the older leaves dying but
now I see it starting on some of the newer leaves. Could this be due to a
deficiency of something? TIA.  Carol