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Re: State

> Tom, we here at the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium
> Society will appreciate all those plants!  Especially
> the Hottonia.  Been looking for that.  Can you toss in
> some Gratiola?  Your shipment will be a little late,
> as we just had our meeting tonight, so you'll have to
> send them to me.  I will share them with Ted and Tom C
> from there.  You still have my address, right?
> Who else is sending us stuff?
> Thanks, Cavan

Try typing in www.gpas.org and see. Does anything in PA pop up?
OR, not PA.
As far as Gratiola, it'll make the rounds as it grows and folks trade etc.
Nice plant, much less temperamental than P. stellata. Some similar color
variations but for different reasons.
Hottonia palustris can be a bit of a pruning job to keep looking good but is
a very nice plant. 
I'll give you guys some if you get some of those Aussy plants from D. Wilson
down under:)
Tom Barr