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For those NOT going to the GPAS meeting

Just a list of some plants I'm going to send off to the GPAS today.
Some plants that a few folks have been really after for some time. If you
don't go, you will not be able to get these at the auction:-)
And this is just what I'm sending. Other will bring more:)

TB-1 Pearl grass two leaves per node var "Amano"- direct clone from Japan
Easy, fast growing.

TB-2 Crinum aquatica This is a spectacular gorgeous plant. One of the nicest
large plants. Good for sword replacement. Plant only once. Do not move
around. Plant in deep gravel. Rare and this one is in excellent health and
has been for a few years. Hard to find nice ones with good healthy roots and
that are this mature. 20-30 leaves about 30 inches long.
Will not block as much light as sword plants.

TB-3 Cladophora ball- this one is about 2 x the size you see since it fluffs
up when itıs submerged. You will not see them this big for sale. Rare, from
Claus of Tropcia (a divisional clone from that plant). About 3.5 inches in

TB-4 Anubias barteri variety "Tommy White". I grew this one in high Nitrogen
so it became greener but the new leaves are still all white almost. High
light and low NO3 will produce slower and whiter growth. Extremely rare.
Larger plant.

TB-5 Cryptocoryne wendtii var gasserii/ Tropica. A nice easy to grow brown
red crypt. Lotıs of plants on this one.

TB-6 Hottonia palustris A nice smaller plant capable of fast growth. Good
for some foregrounds. Very Rare in trade. This plant "mother clone" came
from Japan.  

TB-7 Dwarf Lobelia A very nice easy to grow plant. Propagates very well(see
side plantlets) but doesnıt get real tall fast. Good foreground and mid
ground plant. Rare in the trade.

TB-8 Riccia ­ sinking Riccia that doesnıt not float. Can infest hairgrass,
gloss but you donıt need to tie it down.

TB-9 Grab bag, Egeria najas, Potamgoton gayi, a few other tid bits.

TB-10-11-12-13 Bolbitus heudelotii African fern. This plant has mycorrhizal
fugus. This is the smaller bushier variety(perhaps a different ssp) that is
mainly used in Japan and in the US. These are very healthy fast growers for
me. If you use a cork attachment method these will do very well. Most of
these plants have about 50+ leaves in there. You will never get plants like
this from any LFS or grower. Most would charge 20-30$ for these at least.

Tom Barr