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You can look for info in several places on this. Check the archives first
off on the APD. Steve Dixon tried it and may still have a bale or two left:)

Some primary literature is listed below regarding some of the chemical
properties. Other references say a NO3 reduction and an increase in
herbivore Rotifer densities.
As far as concerning ponds vs plant aquariums why do you think they are the
same? They are not.

Regarding the usability/practicality of the product: did not do a thing to
reduce algae(Green, red, diatoms, GW) in a single test done by several
competent aquarist with planted tanks. If you have an imbalance in your
tank( NO3 too high, not enough CO2) these are much more likely to cause your
algae problem, not a lack of phenolics. Turning the lights off for a few
days will do the same thing and perhaps likely better than any snake oil.
You cannot control the sun light outside, you can in the tank.

I tried to dig up the reference for the Rotifer and NO3 reduction but I did
see it not too long ago. I think it was somewhere on The Center for Aquatic
Weed Research pages somewhere.
Also, I saw virtually no info saying that the straw does anything to
attached epipbenthic algae, just suspended phytoplankton (green water).

Why folks consider putting rotting straw into their ponds as opposed to
having a algae bloom for a few weeks is beyond me. Personally I like algae
over rotting straw. And you?


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Tom Barr