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Filterless tanks

I finally decided to remove a pesky filter that had been leaking and not
running right for a few months now. It'd work but only for a little while
then would make lots of noise. Can't have that. So what to do? I have a
powerhead laying around and also know that if I don't get a filter on this
tank it'll have Green water in about 4-5 days with the critter load I have
in there.

Well, the whole idea of more NH4 and less NO3 is appealing, I'll give it
that. But I'm thinking of simply using a power head with a UV sterilizer
(Off/On at 12 hour intervals or 1 or 2 day intervals) to deal with the algae
but having no filter media at all, just the substrate.
Just the Power head and a UV, nothing to clog or clean. No water hazy
No algae and more NH4 for the plants. I'm just wondering if other algae will
appear. I have critters that will pick off the attached form of algae so the
GW is the only concern for the long term.
Plants should grow better, water should be very clear, lots of algae eaters
so this should work well I think. I'm not going to replace it with a filter
like I keep planning. I'm going to leave it as a long term project.

I just wonder if this is a perfect set up for folks that want filter less
tanks or want to claim that NH4 is so great and will really make a large
impact in their plant growth. A number of folks have removed their filters
and claimed better growth. I wonder if it was from the lower water movement
that kept more CO2 in their tanks or if was from the NH4 only? Guess I'll
find out. Also wondering about the long term effects of the traces on the UV
light. I have not seem anything attributable to UV's regarding traces.

Be nice to have a nice small UV, CO2 and power head to run the whole thing,
no filter needed. 
Tom Barr