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Water conditioner and Fe


I think this is the best mailing list that I have ever subscribed to.
There are many helpful folks who so generously share their knowledge and
experience.  I have gained so much that I sounds like an "expert" when
talking to my friends about planted tanks.

I have been using water conditioners on my tap water prior to adding it to
my tank.  These conditioners are supposed to remove chlorine/choramine,
reduce stress to fishes and binds metals.  I am wondering if these
conditioners actually binds Fe and other trace metals when I add my
Flourish.  If so, will the bound metals still be avaible to my plants?

I am asking this because I have been adding Flourish to my tanks and my Fe
test kit does not seem to indicate an increase in the Fe concentration.  It
was reading less than 0.05mg/L.  So I added more Flourish, but the test kit
still do not show an increase.  Yesterday, I found one of my shrimp dead.
I am now suspecting that I have overdosed the Flourish.

Could it be my water conditioner "eating" up the Fe or my test kit is

BC (Singapore)