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Re: DIY on a 180 gallon

> From: sedaraal at UMDNJ_EDU
> Subject: Method of CO2 reactor?
> Hello all,
> I recently rejoined the list and have finally convinced myself to setup a
> yeast 
> CO2 generator.  I'm having a little trouble figuring out which method of
> reactor to use.  I have a 180g tank so I want to get as much as I can
> dissolved. 

You said 180 gallons and you want to try DIY? Hehe.
Quite simply, you had better consider gas tank CO2 or no CO2 for a tank that
large. You'll spend more in a year than the cost of the gas system. Your
looking at 8-10 bottle of DIY going and being changed 7-10 day intervals.
Almost a 5lb sack of sugar each recharge. And this is if you use it with a
reactor that ran 100% efficient. Trust me, do the gas system or try a non
CO2 approach. Don't try the DIY method on anything over a 40-55gal at most.

> I can't decide between letting the co2 run into the intake of an
> eheim canister or to use the powerhead and gravel tube method that I saw on
> the "Aquarium Concepts" page (btw, kudos to the author... its a great site).

Where is that George Booth feller? Probably trimming and perfecting another
Tom Barr

> Any help you can give me is appreciated.
> Alireza