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Re: Java Moss Karen R, Neil F - Help?

susanaufieri at mac_com writes:
<< My source water has so much copper in it you could hammer it out for
jewelry! The highest recorded level for the past year was 7.8ppm. There are
a variety of plants in my tanks; Java Moss & Ferns, Vals, Crypts, an
assortment of stem plants, Najas, floating type plants etc. NONE of them
seem to respond poorly to my water.

Like I said, the experiment wasn't designed to follow scientific rules... 
Some crypts are reported to do well in copper environments but from what I've 
read, most plants don't do well in copper. Many algaecides use copper in them 
and I know the DNR used copper treatments on lakes years ago to kill numerous 
species of plants (including the one I live on) (yes the copper led to many 
other problems... Live and learn I guess) Vals and Java moss have been 
reported to react negatively to copper. I think Karen R. and Neil F. have 
talked about plants and their ability to survive in copper before, on the 
list. Maybe I'm wrong but I'll stick to limiting copper in my tanks. By the 
way I could use one of those copper bracelets that some of the pro golfers 
use to improve their golf game so please send me a vial of your water. 
Karen, Neil, Tom, etc. did I read incorrect information concerning copper?
Scott S (who needs help with his golf game)