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Re: Java Moss Karen R, Neil F - Help?

>susanaufieri at mac_com writes:
><< My source water has so much copper in it you could hammer it out for
>jewelry! The highest recorded level for the past year was 7.8ppm. There are
>a variety of plants in my tanks; Java Moss & Ferns, Vals, Crypts, an
>assortment of stem plants, Najas, floating type plants etc. NONE of them
>seem to respond poorly to my water.

Susan - if you have copper in your water, I am very surprised that you can
grow Val. It is VERY sensitive to copper. I cant remember for sure about my
experiences with Vesicularia/Java Moss (I seem to think it did OK for me
with high copper), but as we know there are several mossy species in the
hobby. Some crypts love copper (even thrive on it), java fern can tolerate
it. Some stem plants are sensitive (Myriophyllum) and others (Hygrophila)
dont mind. The water hardness is a co-factor. Sensitivity to copper
increases in soft water. 
While too much copper is not good for many plants, trace amounts are
definitely needed. 
BTW, what did <Jlson8590 at aol_com> think about my suggestion that chemical
filter media may have caused the java moss crash?

> Vals and Java moss have been 
>reported to react negatively to copper. I think Karen R. and Neil F. have 
>talked about plants and their ability to survive in copper before, on the 
>list. Maybe I'm wrong but I'll stick to limiting copper in my tanks.
>Scott S (who needs help with his golf game)