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James beeing helpful

Once again your completely right (except that I wasn't refferring to your age but rather to your years of experience).

> I understand completely where you are coming from - you are confronted with
> a problem and you want a quick/simple answer/solution. 

Yes! This is how one reacts when one havn't been running a planted tank before. One see a problem and want to know what it is and you want to know it immediately. It's a natural reaction. It is very hard at this stage to comprehend the complexity involved. Therefore, a picture would be great to start with along with an explanation of what might be the cause of the problem. Slowly bringing the eager

> Your database of images of deficiency symptoms in aquatic plants is one of
> those solutions which, in my opinion, won't necessarily work all the time,
> under all conditions. Pretending otherwise isn't being helpful, to you or to
> other hobbyists, indeed it could end up doing more harm than good.

No such claims / pretentions will be made.

> Once place where a database of plant images might be helpful would be to
> have a set of images of how various plants  can look when they are growing
> under optimum conditions. 

This is a good Idea. 
Since Claus Christensen already has given his support to the project, I have asked permission to link to Tropicas pictures showing a helty plant. 
Thank you James for the idea. Good thinking

Best regards
Greger Lindstrand