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re: Swamp display

Polypterids and Killifish in the same tank, now that's funny stuff.  

I kept a Polypterus Ornatipinnis for a number of years, since I'm also
interested in planted aquariums, the aquarium design I settled on included
lots of anubias and bolbitis.   I created a root structure and large log
shape with lots of bogwood, then covered the top portions of it with anubia
nana and bolbitis, since the polypterus mostly laid under the log, this was
a good arrangement.  I did try to plant some vallisneria on a number of
occasions, but the fish was too large and clumsy for them to stay planted.

You know, for a display aquarium, polypterus arn't really that exciting,
unless you like looking at a fish laying around most of the time.  And
please don't put killifish in the same tank, they won't last through the
first night.