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Re: Java Moss crash

>In a planted 30 gallon tank, coarse gravel media, an external filter, only a 
>few White Clouds, no new plants for several years, all the Java Moss
>died, for no apparent reason.  The remaining plants are apparently quite 
>healthy - Crypts and Anubias.  But, the moss turned brown and transparent in 
>a period of about a week.

One thought is that java moss exclusively gets its nutrients from the
water. If you have carbon or chemical media in your filter it could have
removed the needed trace elements and some other nutrients from the water
column. The crypts and anubias can surviving on stuff in the substrate or
recyling nutrients from within the plant. Many many years ago, before the
internet, I tried some chemical media on a plant tank. I think it was
"polyfilter." Sounded like a good idea to remove dissolved organics (which
give the tank the brown color). Result: clear water, but all my floating
water sprite died.

Unlike water sprite (Ceratopteris), Java moss is really tough. It may look
like it died but just temporarily turned brown. Even if you didnt add
anything to your filter, do some large water changes and it may come back.