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Re: Pregnant and paranoid

Thanks for the tips everyone! This will truly be an adventure. Naomi - 10lbs ... Oh my god.

I also work in a lab (biomechanics with biological specimens) and have been unusually nasty about people not cleaning up after themselves or not working under the hood. Good to know it's not a permanent state of mind.

I do have a Python so changing water is not strenuous. It's coming into contact with the water that worries me, as well as mixing PMDD as I mentioned, and taking measurements. I can wear gloves and a surgical mask for the latter activities. Are there elbow length gloves that anyone knows about so I can still trim and move plants around in the tank? My fiance has been a godsend, took over the kitty litter no problem. Even scrubbed the tub because I was scared of the bleach in the cleanser. (If you think I'm bad, my sister is a holistic, naturpathic nut, she's been driving me absolutely bonkers!) He'll probably be fine changing the water every week or so, but I'm not sure I can convince him to help with a DIY CO2 set-up where he would have to mix and test and monitor for me. If only cats had opposable thumbs ...

I suspected that one of my barbs had TB in my 10 gal a while back and got real careful about washing my hands and making sure I had no open cuts. The barb finally died but now a neon has a swollen belly. Maybe, maybe not TB, either way the 10 gal is easier to be careful around.

I'll be bringing a list of chemicals to my next check up. I guess I thought about mentioning it to my OB but after working in a hospital for 7 years, I've found doctor's don't know quite as much as you'd like them to. Especially if it's off the curve. Work is probably more dangerous for me at this point but I can't help worrying about everything <grin>.

Thanks again everyone (Ed, Dave, Daphne and Naomi). I'll let you know how the list baby is coming along.

PS - I've been toying with the idea of an underwater birth. This water theme is starting to get out of hand. Come to think of it, just got scuba certified in Belize last summer. Hmmm...I think I'm starting to scare myself.


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