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AGA contest

I spent like $700 on a digital camera for the sole purpose of entering the
AGA, but my tanks didn't really fill out and my "wave of interest" in my
tanks was at a trough (when it's at the crest is when I buy all the
expensive toys and test religiously) the couple months before pictures were
due.  Maybe next year.  I have a cool 10 gallon now with a java moss wall on
three sides, and some nice additions in the center, and my 58 gallon is
becoming a mature crypt farm so I may enter the contest next year, I heard
the judges appreciate mature crypts, because they know you can't just trim
them up and stick them in the tank.  I bet there's a couple tanks where
people go buy all the plants, then set it up and like a week later take
pictures to enter the contest with.