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planted aquarium on discovery health channel

	Just a little snip of info, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 
segment on "Aquarium Gardens"  this morning on TV.  This was on 
the "Discovery Health" channel, on a TV show called "Healthy 
     They stepped through the basics of setting up a beginner's 
planted aquarium.  They used a "fertilizer layer" in the substarte, but 
didn't say what it was.  Topped with gravel, then lots of Java Fern 
and Anubias, and a few others.  Then they threw in some male 
guppies, and neons.  They were using one of those "eclipse" 
systems with two light strips and the filter built into the hood.
    They quoted the price for the setup, as around $300. 
     There was no mention of CO2.
     Just thought I'd share.  I was indeed suprised to happen across 
-Chrys Amy Dean
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