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Pregnant and paranoid

Hi Deirdre,

Congratulations!  I have two daughters and played in my tanks for the
duration of both pregnancies.  I think your biggest concerns would be
inhaling chemicals you use but you shouldn't be doing that anyway.
Personally, I believe I would use gloves if the stuff was going to come in
contact with your skin and try not to breathe the stuff or just use liquid.
I deliberately did everything I needed to in tank before adding chemicals
and washed my arm afterwards but I always did that.   If you require a
ladder and trapeze to work in your tank, try not to fall :)  And make
someone else carry those buckets of water for your water changes. Same for a
CO2 tank if you buy one.  The only consequences I've noticed with my girls
is it must make them absolutely adorable! Of course I am impartial.