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OH BOY! Reponses to several..

> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 16:29:56 -0500
> From: "Kefalas, Nicholas D" <NKefalas at SIKORSKY_COM>
> Subject: The beat goes on.

> > CONNECTED to ADA. I invite others to check out Arthur's very nice 
> > site. Amano Advertising everywhere and you sir wish to judge my 
> > commercialization critiques of Amano. THANK YOU SIR FOR PROVING MY 
> > POINT !
> > 
> 		Then we have Mr. Aqua botanic himself. Another seller
> rushing to defend his market share. Pathetic again ! I have 
> yet to hear anything but attacks at myself from people that 
> are in the business. 

Well, I don't really see what you saw in those statements. His own
commercial business is really independent (imho) of what anyone is
saying about Amano (pro or con) in this thread. Robert's company has a
great selection, some caring behind the offering, and his service has
been awesome to me. I don't have an Amano style tank (certainly I don't
have the time to DO such a thing! Lol), but I enjoy looking at one for
ONLY the artistic value of it. I look at it and think, "WOW, that's
gorgeous".. And it goes no farther than that.. My plant order to
AquaBotanic isn't remotely inspired by that. 

His post that you're responding to had NOTHING TO DO, imho, with
defending his market share. (are businessmen not permitted to express
opinions uniquely from their own fiscal interests?). 

> > 	If you are going to reply to issue then lets discuss.
> > 	If you are going to attack me and be an idiot don't 
> bother because I 
> > will ignore you.

I maybe off base here, but yeah.. I saw some attacks (certainly your
first post on this thread was the same), but I also saw other points of
view, and it appears to me that differing opinions constitute attacks to
you, no? 

> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:19:35 -0800
> From: "Will Earthlink" <tefsom85 at earthlink_net>
> Subject: RE: New List/ State of APD / Art
> Tony,
>     I don't know if your method will work on our tanks.  It 
> would probably cloud our water!!  :) Will

Yeah, but it sure would do a great fishless cycle! <grin>