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Re: Green Dust

> I was lucky
> to talk my wife into letting me get a LaMotte Nitrate test kit.

Now *I know* that was hard sell.

> Consistent
> and routine water changes will eventually clear this GD, I hope.

If you keep after it.

>  It may
> take longer without the diatom or UV, but as long as it works is all I care
> (but sooner would be better, of course!).

You can get rid of most problems this way. My dosing and nutrient routine
has remained the same since and no presence has been noted.
> I would also like to thank you for posting your tips on preparing a tank for
> display, shows and/or photographs.  It is very helpful information, and I
> really hope to use it someday.  I would like to enter my tank into a contest
> in the future, once it matures and starts looking good.  I certainly look
> forward to putting your advice to use!

Well it's just _a few_ things. These are all good ones to use. The real test
is actually having a group of folks over to show your hard work off. You'
d be surprised at the stress level but it raises you to new heights.
Yes, Amano's tanks do have algae and you can even see it in a number of the
tank pictures. Yes, he's a good photographer, but it's not perfect. Nothing
is. I think many folks like him and others with nice aquascapes are real
funny about having anyone come over or take pic's without a good long
warning so they can get things in nice shape. Most folks, even the best,
slack off. But we know how to get things back in shape pretty quick:)
Tom Barr
> Thanks,
> Gamera