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Re: Green Dust Algae

Thanks for the advice, Tom.  It is nice to know that people with
well-established and mature tanks get this algae, too!  Itís even nicer to
know it is a sign of good health in a tank and doesnít seem to be correlated
to nutrient amounts.  Could you please repost the link you recommend for
K2SO4?  I tried going to www.liteman.com <http://www.liteman.com/>  but it
doesnít seem to exist.  Iím just going to keep up on my regular tank
maintenance and hope this stuff eventually goes away.  I donít own nor will
I be buying a diatom filter or UV sterilizer anytime soon.  As Iíve stated
before, Iíve already spent quite a bit on money on this tank.  I was lucky
to talk my wife into letting me get a LaMotte Nitrate test kit.  Consistent
and routine water changes will eventually clear this GD, I hope.  It may
take longer without the diatom or UV, but as long as it works is all I care
(but sooner would be better, of course!).

I would also like to thank you for posting your tips on preparing a tank for
display, shows and/or photographs.  It is very helpful information, and I
really hope to use it someday.  I would like to enter my tank into a contest
in the future, once it matures and starts looking good.  I certainly look
forward to putting your advice to use!


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