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RE: North American Style

Ed wrote:

"What follows could be the basis of a distinct style of
decorating a larger aquarium in a way that could be emulated by many people
and can be said to be distinctively North American.

Tank size should be from 20-50 gallons in size
Gravel should be a dark natural stone
Driftwood, stone or other naturally occuring items can be used as a
Plants should not number more than 7 varieties and should come from the same
biotopic region
Fish or crusteaceans used in the display should come from the same region as
the plants and should not number more than a maximum of 5 species."

Horsepucky. By this criteria I don't have a single element right, and yet I
live in North America and I am very happy with my tank setup. I don't know
about the Canadians, but this kind of arbitrary set of constraints is
exactly what Americans like to resist. I think the Australians have a
similar mindset. That's what happens when you populate a couple of
continents with the people who don't fit in back in the old country. I don't
think it's any accident that the neurotic constraints on tank design comes
from places where, historically, conforming to the group is encouraged.
Where do you come up with the idea that this is "distinctly North American"
anyway? Why a small tank? Why dark gravel? Why arbitrary limits on plants
and fish? Why not a hubcap or a circuit board for a centerpiece? THAT would
certainly identify with the US part of North America.

I think this whole discussion on art versus technology is bogus anyway. The
root word "technos" drew no distinction between the two. Plant a tank that
you like, and enjoy it. This is why I don't enter aquarium competitions. It
destroys the entire point of having the tank to begin with. Damn, now I'm
going to have to sit and stare at the tank an extra ten minutes just to get
back to my typical serene state of being.

A pox on both your houses!  LOL

Tom Wood