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RE: Bowfronts

One of the neatest tanks that I've seen was Steve Dixon's 180? gallon
bowfront tank.  You can see pictures of it on the AGA contest for 2001 but
it's really hard to show just how great that tank looks from a photo.  I had
lusted after that tank after seeing it at an LFS but seeing it set up so
nicely in Steve's home made me appreciate it even more.  If you have enough
depth from front to back on the smaller size tank then save your $ up and
buy one of those instead.  BTW if you are looking for a flat tank with more
depth you might check out www.glasscages.com  They take their semi around
the eastern half of the US showing up at reptile shows.  You can special
order a tank ahead of time and then pick it up when they are in town.  His
normal tanks are quite nice and reasonably priced.  His special order tanks
are a bit more but I'm sure it's a better deal than you can get through the
big boy.  I bought two of the 65 gallon tanks (4' x 18" footprint) to go
under my lowboy wrought iron 75 gallon stands.  Not the easiest tank for
aquascaping (too short) but it makes a good tank for growing out fish and

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com

:Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 18:59:06 +0800
:From: Penny Crowley <pcrowley at snet_net>
:Subject: Bowfronts

:I really enjoy my bowfront (72g) and have had MANY compliments on it. It
:does give you a little extra space back to front....I can't think of
:anything negative to say about it. It certainly is more distinctive than a
:flat front tank.