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Re: The "System 1 Diatomaceous Earth Filter"

In reply to the questions about this fantastic professional filter, I am the
former owner of Aquarium Products -- the manufacturer of the "System 1
Diatomaceous Earth Filter".

When we purchased this filter from the inventor, we changed the motor to a
thermally protected one; and you can run it longer.  But, you are really not
doing the proper thing.  The diatomaceous earth becomes clogged and your
flow slows down.  You can allow the diatomaceous earth to drop off one time
and start again; and the dirt still will not clog the cartridge.  You should
thouroughly clean the cartridge and even try to "back-wash" it under the
faucet to extend the very long life of this cartridge.

There is a unit that is availble from the company that can be used with
filter floss.  It fits where the cartridge does and the filter can run
continually.  But, that is not the purpose of the filter -- it was meant to
"polish" your water.  It does, with the DE, filter out "green water"!  It
has many uses -- as explained in the brochure that comes with the filter;
and it can run for a long, long time if not clogged with dirt.  When  it is
clogged, it is no longer doing the job that it is supposed to do.

If the motor is making the noise, you can try a little light oil on the
shaft. "WD-40" helps even though the motor has sealed bearings.  This is
quite unusual, but Aquarium Products does not manufacture the motor.  But,
you can cut down on noise by putting a dab of "Vaseline" on the drive belt.
That may be the source of you noise.

I personally love the filter -- particularly with the larger jar and
cartridge that is now available.  So, if you have further questions, I won't
mind if you contact me personally so that I can help you with any
questions -- since the new owners may not know as much as I about this

Merrill Cohen   merrill34 at comcast_net