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Which is worse?

Amano's marketing strategy or US foriegn policy?  I suspect many at this
point would agree that both flamewars detract from the quality and tenor of
this list.

Perhaps I might humbly suggest a criterion:  Is the content of the post
likely to result in nicer, more successful (very broadly defined) tanks
somewhere?  Maybe you could all focus your energies on the "Doug's tanks
Project"  :-)

I'm very interested in these apparently competing visions of aquascaping, so
I'd love to hear a clearer description of what makes these different tanks
different.  I've just begun to poke around aquascaping sites, since I'm soon
going to redesign my ho-hum tank.  I'd enjoy annotated posts of links (like
"Look at this site for an example of X").

I think it'd be nice if everyone could get back to chatting about tanks.

You all have too much to share with each other to get put off by flamewars.