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Re: Tank specs

Hey Gang,

Roger Miller wrote:
>>But even now I can say one thing for sure.  A 
tank that measures 2 feet (or more) front-to-back
takes a big bite out of whatever space you put it in. 
That's a major concideration.<<

How do you mean, Roger? Do you mean the space it
occupies in the room in which the tank sits? I agree.
However, that would only be for very large such as
yours. If I've got it wrong, please fill me in.

I think you'll find that, once set up, that tank will
*drip* with perspective, and ambience....(no pun
intended;) despite the compromise/sacrifice of living
space vs. tank space. I'm excited for you to have such
a cool project.

Who did you get to build you that tank?

John Wheeler

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