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Re: Improving the practice of Aquascaping in America

From James Purchase:
>>O.K. - hold on just one minute! Lets talk about the
AGA Showcase/Contest. You say "show me a good American
contest". Are you criticizing the way the
AGA event was setup, organized, judged, presented,
publicised, subscribed to by hobbyists? One or several
aspects, or all? Are you saying that the ADA
contest was better because it had larger dollar value
prizes or was better subscribed to by Asian/European

My review of the AGA conference can be found on the
website.  I gave my honest opinions, a few of which
ruffled some feathers.  I won't rehash it here.

As to the contest itself--I really don't know how it
was advertised....if it was really advertised at all. 
Number of entries was a bit disappointing.

The ADA contest was better because the aquascapes in
it were better.  Period.  I haven't found anyone to
argue otherwise.

>>Don't go around making general negative comments
without at least being willing to be part of the
solution rather than merely another one of the

All I have been saying is that aquaria should be able
to reach a level we can call art.  Apparently this
notion is controversial.  I recall someone on this
list who scoffed at the notion people be allowed to
name their aquascapes.  Wasn't that you James?

I don't want this to be just another flame war, but
you are going to have to explain to me how I am "one
of the problems."  From my perspective, your anti-art
views that you have expressed in the past are the

>>I was the one who initiated the AGA Showcase/Contest
and with the dedicated and patient help of a VERY
small group of people, spent 18 months in pre-planning
the first event.<<

Thanks James.  I remember some of your posts.  And
probably because of your efforts, I believe the first
contest was more successful than the second.

>>Where were YOU??? I don't remember receiving ANY
input from you regarding how you thought the event
ought to be organized, held, judged, awarded,
presented. Zip. Nada. Nothing.<<

Let me explain.  I got my first aquarium when I was a
kid.  Got rid of it sometime in high school.  Got my
next tank just over two years ago.  So guess what
James, I wasn't in the hobby for too long when you
were doing your thing.  I feel a lot more confident
now about my ability to offer input.  But somehow I
don't think my opinions will be requested.

>>Now you come out of the woodwork and start slinging
mud??? Please, put your effort where your mouth is, or
go start your own private list and leave the
rest of us alone<<

I'm not slinging mud.  I'm stating my opinions.  The
state of aquaria in America is lacking.  As far as my
effort, I have been helping to organize the next AGA
convention.  And guess what?  Your comments don't
motivate me much to take time out of my schedule to
plan for an event I most likely won't be able to
attend.  Out of curiosity, what are you doing this

And yes, I will be starting my own list.  If anyone on
this list is interested in subscribing to a list
dedicated to artistic issues in aquaria, please email
me.  The list will be public.

Thanks James.  Through you, I finally got the push I

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