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Re: CO2 in Low Light tanks

> Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 04:53:36 -0800 (PST)
> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: CO2 in Low Light tanks
> David A. Youngker wrote an excellent post about adding CO2 to a low
> light tank and whether that could cause a nutrient-deficiency situation
> - -- real cut-and-paste-to-file stuff, if you ask me.
> David basically agreed with Tom that light would be a limiting factor
> in a low light tank.  Added CO2 can improve appearance but the light
> level will keep the plants from using up all the other nutrients.  But
> David also said,
> "The two primary "throttles" are already set - light and nitrogen.
> Carbon will have a lesser effect on the speed of the growth than it
> will its overall health and appearance"
> This is where you lost me, David, although that's no mean feat ;-) .
> If nitrogen is already a limiting factor (throttle), wouldn't adding
> CO2 make the situation even worse?  That is, unless something else is
> actually the controlling limit in this situation -- e.g., light.
> Is the situation, and the answer(s) to my original question, the same
> for slow and fast growth plants (say anubia on the one hand and hgro on
> the other)?

According to research done by Tropica, the impact on growing speed from CO2
is much bigger in a low light tank than in a high light tank.

In a tank with much light you MUST have CO2 in order to get the plants to
grow, in a low light tank you do not need it, but it really help the speed
and the way the plants look.

I had a low light tank less than 1 watt/gal (look at my webpage 66gal tank)
some people from USA even told i was lying when i said i did grow plants in
that amount of light. Everything was growing fine, but i wanted more so i
started to inject CO2, and everything really took of, my anubias normaly got
1 new leave every week, with CO2 it have 4-5 every week. And everything else
grow very fast.

So CO2 is also very important in an low light tank.

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