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re: exposing the Amano cult

Roger wrote:
>>Of course Amano can draw his inspiration from
anywhere he choses.  I'm not entirely sure it makes
that much difference where he get's it.  The end
result does not spring directly from the inspiration
and probably in most instances ends up having little
resemblence to whatever first inspired it.<<

>>Only a fairly small fraction of Amano's compositions
that I've seen actually bear any resemblance to a
natural scene, much less to a recognizable landscape. 
In most instances Amano's title and description are
the only clue that would lead the viewer to believe
that the composition may have been inspired by some
natural setting.<<

I'll respectfully have to disagree with the notion
that Amano doesn't base any of his aquascapes on
natural scenes.  In fact, in many of his aquascapes,
he shows pictures of a natural scene on one page, and
then the aquarium inspired by it on the next.  While
the aquarium may not replicate nature (I don't know
why one would expect it to), it certainly is obviously
inspired by it.

As for the way Amano writes...I can't read Japanese,
but my mother can.  She tells me that Amano's writing
is accomplished and beautiful (my mother has no actual
interest in aquatic plants or aquariums), as evidenced
by the words and characters he selects, and that he
obviously is fiercely smart and passionate.

I don't need to defend him.  His work defends itself. 
Amano says that if the aquascape does not come from
the heart, then it cannot be successful.  That Amano
would create from the heart, and therefore write from
the heart, is probably lost on the Phillistines...

Again, at a certain point one tires of the hacks that
have nothing but ridicule for the notion of aquascapes
as art (I am not speaking of Roger).  I am more and
more of the opinion that a separate list from this one
will serve important needs, and provide a better forum
for those whose interests lay beyond discussions of
substrate, light, etc.

I am amused by the suggestion that Amano has some
secret formula for creating his tanks, that he
withholds from us, to prevent us from creating tanks
like his.  "List the ingredients" "Lay out the
methods".  It's like a painter, given a chance
question Da Vinci, asks where he gets his canvas and

If we suck, it's not because we don't have the tools. 
It's because we don't have it between the ears.

Well, enough of that.  You either get it, or you

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