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Re: phos sources

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Kyle wrote:
> Anyone know anything about using rock phosphate?

Rock phosphate isn't soluble.  It's used in gardens like bone meal - as a
soil conditioner that provides a long-term, low-concentration yield of

My LFS sells sodium biphosphate -- dry powder, not in solution.  I guess
they intend it as a buffer.  I bought a few ounces of it and unless I
spill it or start using it in some weird experiment it should last for
years.  That would seem like a nearly ideal phosphate source for planted
aquariums.  The only thing better would probably be the potassium
phosphate that Gomberg's grandkids sell.  Ehr, at least used to sell.

I recently noticed that the local home center was selling sodium
phosphate; I think it was intended as a sort of plaster patch.  A small
amount of that would go a long way.  Has anybody tried it?

Roger Miller