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now for bulbs

Long story short...I couldn't get the AHSupply lights (had already ordered 
something else, thought the order didn't go through, got it today, so that's 
what I have to work with).  Now I have a 36 watt ballast, but the pin 
arrangement is the square Japanese type, not the in-line German type.  
AHSupply bulbs are nice (i.e. cheap), but they are not square pin.  So, as 
far as I can tell, these are my options:
32 watt bulb, 1/2 6700k and 1/2 actinic for $22 (custom sea life)
28 watt bulb, 6700K for $23 (custom sea life)
28 watt bulb, 6700K for $18 (hamilton)

On price alone I would say the middle bulb is out...so would four dollars be 
worth four watts (on a 36 watt ballast, again) considering that it is of 
mixed temp?

Tank is a 20 gallon long (30") currently with 36 watts of normal 
fluorescents and houses sagittaria (tall and dwarf) subulatta, cryptocoryne 
wendtii (red), java moss, christmass moss, and acicularis (dunno sp.).  
Heterandria formosa (8 adults, lots of fry) and native shrimp (30ish).  It 
will probably do fine as is (only the sag. is a recent addition, replaced 
some other crypts and another piece of wood with java moss and java ferns), 
but I would like to be able to have didiplis diandra (so I want more light). 
  I've had this before, and it seemed easy to me, but that was with in a 
tank with about twice as much light as I have now.

Thanks for any recommendations, and if you want to avoid digest clutter, I'm 
certainly open to off-list recommendations.

Cameron in AL

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