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Hello all. Back to the hobby.

Hi folks.  My name is Peter and I've been a long time subscriber to the APD.
A few years ago while on vacation my heater malfunctioned and baked my
Discus & Plants, signaling my exit from the hobby.  The tank ended up stored
in my basement.  However, my wife and I are completing a massive remodel of
our humble home and have actually set aside a space w/ dedicated GFCI
circuit, 1/2" water line & 2" sewer line for my 120 gal tank.

In anticipation of putting the tank back up I've been on a bit of a buying
spree.  No more DIY CO2.  I've purchased an Aquadyne Octopus3000 (Ebay
auction...what a steal!), CO2 Regulator (w/ dual gauges, bubble counter &
solenoid) and will grab a 20lb CO2 tank from someone shortly.  Need to build
a CO2 reactor.  No more bucket brigade either, as I will use one of the
light timers on the unit to power a solenoid and add 3 gallons of water a
day, automatically.  I have a corner overflow in my Aquarium to the Wet/Dry
so no overflow problems here.  I have an overflow on my Wet/Dry that leads
to the drain.  So new 3 gallons in, old 3 gallons out!  Just need to get the
right solenoid Dwell Time & Flow rate to get 3 gallons.  Ebay has been a
great help.  I find some stuff actually goes for more than it cost new.  So
I look at the stuff being auctioned, get the models & specs and look on the
Web for it.  Considering a 5-stage RO unit w/ pressurized storage tank.
Considering UV Sterilizer.  Consider Dosing Pumps (though I have a homemade
airpump powered one at present).  I have 6 40W Fluorescents, having trouble
deciding whether to change this or not.  I like my homemade Wet/Dry trickle,
so that's staying as is.

Goal is to have everything purchased from an equipment standpoint by end of
summer.  September I will decide on 3-F (Fauna, Flora & Fertiliser).  Can't
wait!  So, I'll be hanging out again, re-learning.

Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
Upstate New York