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Re: Croatia

Yes, I live near Hungary and the border is on the North (with Hungary) and
on the East (with Yugoslavia) . They do have more aquarium shops than we do
but the problem with plants and fish is you can't import them without a
paperwork and that is pain in the....
I have to admit to smugling few plants once  :-), but selection is not so
great over there either. I haven't seen any red plant at all, for example...
I know for sure there is no aquatic plants nursery in Croatia.
Maybe I could start a small businnes? ;-))


Tom Barr wrote:

You could also try to have people send you plants via
mail. You live up North near Hungry don't you? I wonder if they have shops
over there? The Krib has a number of good DIY projects. Maybe a trip to
Budapest or Vienna? There you go:-) Still, a long trip but not a bad get
away vacation either.