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Re: Croatia

> From: "Davorin Palijan" <davorin.palijan at os_tel.hr>
> Subject: Plants in Croatia
> Glad to hear you've been over here Tom! Dubrovnik is still very nice place
> (I suppose you were reffering to damage done during the war).

Yes. It's very odd since I felt more safe there than anywhere I've ever
lived when there. We got the red carpet Tito welcome back then. We went
everywhere and spoke to all kinds of folks. Saw a few goldfish tanks.
Sat at that restaurant below the foot bridge in Mostar and watched the fish
in the river. I hear the bridge is gone now. Talking about the perfect place
to eat a meal.

> Regarding plant keeping in Croatia, the situation is not what I would like
> it to be,
> but then again, many things are not...
> As to my knowledge, there is no aquarium club in Croatia, let alone planted
> aquaria club, choice of plants in FS is usually poor with some bright
> moments, hobbyists usually don't know much about plant keeping and are
> restricted to plants like Valisneria or some other "Die hard" kind. I
> suspect there might be few people in my area, that are interested in plants,
> but don't know how to locate them (I sure hope that I'm not alone). It would
> be nice to have a club, organize lectures and educate people, then FS would
> follow when they see oportunity for profit....

They need capital and confidence before they will buy things that they feel
will be sold. Most shops are conservative, plants more so than other items.
> Aquarium hobby has pretty long tradition over here, it's a pitty that it
> kind of stoped evolving.
> Hey, maybe you could come to Croatia for holidays and give few lectures...

Sure, give me a plane ticket. I'll land in Zagreb, and head on over:-) The
food was very good. You could also try to have people send you plants via
mail. You live up North near Hungry don't you? I wonder if they have shops
over there? The Krib has a number of good DIY projects. Maybe a trip to
Budapest or Vienna? There you go:-) Still, a long trip but not a bad get
away vacation either.

Tom Barr
> Regards,
> Davorin Palijan