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Re: Anyone ever heard of Hanna Meters?

I had a Hanna pHep 3 meter for 2 years and it worked
flawlessly.  Joe is right you need to recalibrate the
meters about once every month.  Additionally, I used
to soak mine in the pH 4 solution for 10 min prior to
calibration to remove organic compounds from the tank
that might buildup on the glass electrode.  Mine
worked for 2 years and then the electrode would no
longer calibrate properly.  Since the electrode can
not be removed from the unit, the pH meter was
finished.  Fortunately, Hanna's new pHep 4 & 5 have
replaceable electrodes.  I plan on getting one of
these soon.


<"Hanna and Oakton produce a variety of industrial

I have a Hanna HI981411 pH controller (+/- 0.1 pH). 
This is a panel mount
controller and costs about $100.  I bought it through
Automated Aquarium
Systems.  I also have the Hanna Mini pH Checker.  You
can get this fom
Aquatic Eco-Systems for $18.  Aquatic Eco-Systems has
a good selection of
meters/controllers in their catalog if you want to see
what's available
between $18 and $600.

All pH meters/controllers are as good as their
calibration.  Every meter
I've tried tends to drift to reading high, that is it
will read a pH higher
than the actual pH (for example reads 6.8 when pH is
6.4).  This gave me a
fatal CO2 overdose once.  I've found that if I
calibrate and clean the
elctrode in the sump monthly, I'm ok.  I check the
controller versus a pH
checker weekly as well.">

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