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Hazy water

Help! After doing some fishless cycling and getting to 0 ammonia and
nitrites, I thought everything was fine. I put in some otto cats a pleco
and a synodontis cat. After a week, I recycled about 15 gallons in my 46
gallon tank and while I was at it, I cleaned the filter by rinsing the
sponge in tank water and rinsing the bio pieces in unsoftened tap water.
After I put everything back together again, with a new batch of yeast for
Co2, everything was fine. This morning the water was hazy and the
nitrites measured .25ppm. I had to go out for a while and when I came
back I changed about 10 gallons of water. This time, the nitrites were up
to .50ppm. I changed another 10 gallons and the nitrites are still at
.50. The fish seem fine. In fact, for the first time, the pleco and
synodontis are out during the day, the pleco is eating algae. What is
going on and what should I do about it? My guess is that when I rinsed
out the stuff in the filter I disrupted the biological filter. I had done
the fishless recycling with water and gravel from a friend's tank, but
maybe there wasn't a large community of bacteria and I wiped it out by
rinsing off the filter stuff. Can I wait and see what happens or should I
be changing more water?