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Re: bulbs sold at Wak-Mart?

> Paul Krombholz wrote:
>They may be some kind of Aponogeton bulbs.  Were they sold dry?
>Do the leaves look like Aponogeton leaves? (Quick growing, somewhat
>translucent, wavy edges?)  Any floating leaves?

That description fits pretty good. Yes, there were about 6 or so dry bulbs
in the package, I put them in the tank and they started sprouting leaves in
a matter of 2 or 3 days. Now it's been 10 days and some are as tall as 10
inches or so. They are light green, some leaves have developed a
brownish/redish pigmentation since I added HO lights.

I am not sure they were all the same, in the same package some have grown
with wavy wide leaves, others are less wide and not as wavy, but in general
they are pretty close. I sent you a picture to your email account. Check it
out and let me know what you think.