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Re: Bulbs sold at Walmart

Art B. asked about the bulbs sold at Walmart.

I'm assuming that we're talking about the dried bulbs that come in packs of 
6 or so, in which case...

Score one for Paul K. -- the bulbs are Aponogeton hybrids of some 
kind.  I've seen them marketed as "Hardy Aponogeton" and "Dwarf 
Lily/Ulvaceous Hybrid".  What they really are, only the company producing 
them can say, but they're undeniably Apon.  I tried these once a while 
back.  The hybrid plants stay smaller than the real Apon. ulvaceous -- the 
largest I grew was around 10", avg was about 6" -- and the leaves are 
generally not as undate or contorted, but the plant does flower easily and 
can grow into a very attractive mini-apon if the bulb is a good one to 
begin with.  Another specific difference I noticed between the true A. 
ulvaceous and the hybrid is that the flower of the hybrid has a single 
spike where the true ulvaceous is reported to have a twin-spiked flower.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee -- where it's been wet and dreary.