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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1595 Hair Algae problem

>Sue writes:
> What fish might help with the hair algae ?

>I just researched this, and elected to go with American >Flagfish,
Jordanella floridae.  I was told they love the >stuff.  The algae seems to
have disappeared.

>David S. Brown

I had a problem several years ago with a new tank that developed hair
algae;. i.e. looks brown in the tank, but blue-green when you pull it out -
grows 3-4 inches long in single strands.  My American flagfish would not
touch the stuff.  I had a school of seven adults at the time.  I was told,
via this list, to try rosy Barbs.  I put in six adults and they cleaned up
every bit of the hair algae in the 100 gallon tank in less than a week.

I got rid of the flagfish and kept the rosy barbs.  Really neat fish -
colorful and easy to breed.

That's my two cents worth.

Roger Gordon