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Re: nickel allergy and Flourish

I dont know anything about time to breakdown (so called half life), but I
will give you my 2 cents anyway.

Firstly, I doubt that these metals will decompose, at least in your
lifetime. It is possible that they may find something to bind to and then
precipitate into your substrate. Secondly, it is quite possible that they
will be absorbed by the plants. Plants are great at removing toxins from
the water supply, and these include trace metals. If they dont precipitate
or get absorbed, the concentrations can increase over time. 
Regarding why they are in the mix in the first place, I have not heard
anything that they are required by the plants,... but I have seen them
listed as ingredients in trace nutrient mixtures. It is possible,
therefore,  that they are unintended contaminants of a sort: elements that
were detected during an analysis of the contents but not intentionally
added to the mix. (Morin would have to answer this). In any case, my guess
is that they will be at EXTREMELY low concentrations in your water. So,
unless you are hypersensitive it may not be a problem at all. In fact, it
is quite likely that small trace amounts of many things - including cobalt
and nickel - will be in EVERYONES tap water. We call these ubiquitous low
concentrations: background levels. You might check with your water
treatment plant to find out if they ever did a complete analysis of the
metals in the water.YOu might find that such low levels are already in your
tap water at the dosed concentrations.  Contact me off-line if you would
like for me to do the Flourish calculations for your tank.