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Re: nickel allergy and Flourish

Jerry Baker politely commented:

> I don't want to be rude or anything, but I can't imagine being
> allergic
> to nickel and/or cobalt. Can I ask you what happens if you come in
> contact with nickel coins (such as the nickel)? Those really blue
> glasses are made blue by cobalt also. I couldn't imagine having to
> check
> everything for its ingredients before I touched it - I empathize with
> you situation. I don't want to be rude, but just curious.

Nickel allergy is actually relatively common as allergies go.  Both of
my young children are allergic to nickel, and yes, it is rather
ubiquitously used as an alloy in many common objects including that
small metal disk that is the backside of the waistband snap on most
jeans and casual pants -- you know, the part that rides against your
belly.  A common allergic reaction to nickel, including the many common
objects around us that contain it, is a painful rash and the godawful
itch that comes with it.

Scott H.

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