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Re: Moving a madagascar lace

    * From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>

> I got seeds from Dan Foley last summer.  They did very
> little until recently.  One plant has started to speed
> up.  Now there are leaves 6-7 inches long.  When I got
> them, I put them on the substrate in between some
> micro tenellus.  Now the area is choked with the stuff
> with the lace plant right up in the foreground.

> I'm afraid to move it.  I'm aware of how it often does
> better with other plants around it.  I worry that if I
> do move it, it will fail.  Is there anything I can do
> to increase my chances of success?

Provided that it has had good light and CO2, up to that point, it should
have a lot of food stored in its rhizome, which should be about the size
and shape of a marble in a young plant when the leaves have just become 6-7
inches long.  I would think it would easily recover from moving. Just have
some other plants around it at its new location, and, of course, it should
have good light again.

Paul Krombholz in cold rainy central Mississippi, having a great day for