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Re:Reponse times in nutrient uptake.

    * From: ROlesen104 at aol_com

......Is it my imagination, or could those plants really have improved that
much > in that short a time frame? When I returned, I swear:  the plants
> noticeably greener and even the reds seemed more vivid. I didn't even add P.
> In one hour.

> Is that possible? Could nutrient uptake and whatever its subsequent
> involvement in coloration is occur that rapidly? Or am I just imagining
> things?

I think it is possible.  I have seen similar responses.  I once had some
Ceratophyllum develop severe Ca deficiency with whitish leaves at the tips
falling off in four days, and it recovered with new growth in only one day
after I added some lime.  I have seen increases in pearling in less than a
half hour after adding nutrients.  We can digest food and get it in our
blood stream in 15 minutes or so.  Plants can also take up nutrients and
move them around quite rapidly.

Paul Krombholz in 35 degree, rainy central Mississippi, having a great day
for hypothermia.