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Using Maracyn for BGA

If it is of any interest, I used Mardel's Maracyn at a little more than
half dose for the full 10 days. The BGA went away immediately and hasn't
returned yet (I been learning my lessons from the list and keeping my
nutrients high! Lol).. 

Not a SINGLE problem with ammonia or nitrite during or after this... So
the maracyn didn't affect my biological filtration (had the same nice
experience with Red Slime Remover in my reef tank.. No bio problem..
(red slime remover is the same active ingredient of Erythromycin).


> Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 11:01:28 -0800 (PST)
> From: Lobos <lobos0331 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: blue green algae problem
> Rick wrote:
> "I am trying to decide how to attack my blue green
> problem.  Either try
> antibiotics or a blackout?  I have some new plants so
> I am afraid of doing a
> blackout right now and I sorta hate to do the
> antibiotic because I don't
> want to screw with my biological filtration."
> Because of the new plants present, I would not
> recommend a blackout.  I have successfully used
> erythromycin to wipe out cyanobacteria (BGA).  First I
> fixed the nutrient deficiency, then treated with EM. 
> If you don't fix the imbalance in your tank it will
> come right back.  The EM will not wreck your
> biological filtration.
> "Someone recommended Erythromycin.  Can someone tell
> me what the dosage would
> be for a 135gal?"
> Dose at 1/2 the recommended dosage as stated by the manufacturer.
> "Someone else recommended Maracyn (sp?).  That is
> pretty expensive around here."
> You can use Mardel labs - Maracyn or Aquarium
> Pharmaceuticals - EM tablets.
> "Do antibiotics hurt snails or shrimp?  And do I
> remove the carbon from my filter?"
> My snails were unaffected and there is no reason to
> believe it will harm shrimp.  You must remove the
> carbon from your tank.  As a side note, your plant
> tank does not need carbon as it will only sequester
> nutrients needed by your plants.
> Good luck,
> Lobos