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Big riccia

In a message dated 2/1/02 3:55:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, Chee Ming writes:

<< ..big riccia? I don't know about that. I know you are talking about
 the dark green, translucent and fleshy thing that spreads out in a Y-shape
 like riccia...only that the growth is very slow! Personally, I think its
 wrong to call it big riccia because it grows so slow, does not pearl, does
 not float, doesn't even feel or look like riccia. But then again, its not
 wrong to call it that because both of them belong to the liverwort family : 

I though everybody was nuts when they started talking about this stuff a few 
months back, but now I've got it. Since I know I'm nuts, it must be real. 
What I don't like about it, other than the so, so color (looks too much like 
some type of fungus or algae) is that it gets all caught up in any carpet 
plant in the tanks and ruins their sometimes marginal look to my way of 
thinking. There again, those carpet plants always were a dirt magnet but now 
when you add in these new Riccia tumbleweeds, the stuff is a plague. 

Just when I was going to convert my gravel vac into a couple of nice CO2 
reactors, I find I actually have a use for the darn thing again.  Now that 
Soapy quit making them, I'll have to break down and buy another gravel vac, 
or.... Say, how sturdy are those florescent light covers, Tony? Do you think 
one could be turned into a CO2 vortex? I want to actually see if everything 
is dissolving, otherwise I'd just go with PVC.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach