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Re: Ideal water

From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
" I think many people get to hung up on water parameters. Most plants are highly adaptable to a significant range of pH, KH, and GH. It's important to
know what the parameters are so you know how to suppliment them, what minerals to add and how much CO2 to add, but trying to alter the pH, KH, or GH for the most part is not needed, (unless you have extremes) I havn't found a plant yet that I can not grow well in tap water no matter what the parameters are as long as I address the issues of light, CO2 and macro and
trace nutrients."

Thanks, Bob, for replying so fast.

But if you were restricted to using only the CO2 that came from the fish and the atmosphere, and if you had only moderate light available, is there a kind of water
that you would prefer?