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Itchy Discus---Do plants give off irritants?

Hi guys,

My discus (6 in all) seem to be more itchy than

They seem to be almost in pain, and I dont have
anything in my tank for them to scratch on.

It is heavily planted, thriving and trimmings are done
weekly as are 50 percent water changes.

I do add calcium carbonate and sodium bicarboante
(about a tablepoon each) at water change cuz I believe
that my Boston water is quite soft (even though the Ph
out of the tap is over 8.0 (!?!))

I just got a new fliter, making it 3 in all, but I
thought that would help

Temp is at 84, ph 6.73

Could plant sap be to blame?  I cant figure out why
they are so damn unhappy all the time?

Gill flukes perhaps?  If so anyone know a safe cure
for the planted tank?

Oh BTW, thanks to all who helped with the hair algae

FFF are AMAZING absolutely AMAZING!  They cleared it
right up BUT may harrass discus if left in the tank.

Thanks all,

please post your experiences!



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