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dying plants HELP!!!

Hi Kate,

I've seen plants do the pale/thinning out thing for all kinds of reasons.
I'm not sure you can get an exact diagnosis just by that, it seems more a
general "not good" sign.  At least in my plants.  I think the sword, hygro
and crypt can be considered a bit of an advanced beginners plants... I've
been waiting to see if I could avoid killing all the bombproof stuff before
adding anything.  I just got a crypt but haven't had the others.  Crypts can
be weird... they're known for just melting in response to any little change
in their environment or even sometimes none at all seemingly.  The good news
is that they will throw up new leaves pretty quick supposedly.  (I -HOPE-!
LOL)  Changing the temp from coldwater to tropical, more lighting, more
fertilizer... all things that will make them go screwey for awhile.  The
hygrophila are supposed to be easy to grow but they are sensitive to their
environment too.  You might try posting to the list what shape, size etc.
the leaves of it are because some people here use those things to identify
what's going on in their tanks.  I don't know anything about swords, having
never kept them.  Anachris is supposed to like hard water, slightly cool to
moderately warm with lots of light and soft currents.  That's why it was
reccomended for so many years for goldfish bowls I think.  Actually  if you
rule out other problems, my guess would be that the sudden changes of temp,
lighting, nutrient levels have thrown the plants into a bit of shock.  You
might try just waiting them out and patiently scooping the dead fallen apart
debris out.  I'm still way too new at keeping plant tanks to offer much more
than that but this list has lots of experts.  I think you might have more
people offering opinions if you give a bit more informatino like

*  What water do you use? (Tap, R/O etc.)
*  What sort of water chemistry do you have?
*  What sort of lights bulbs....  type (flourescent, incandescent, etc.)
brands, wattage and color spectrum you're using... there are tons and tons
of "plant lights" so it's impossible to guess if you're talking not enough
light, too much, not the right type for the plants to utilize... Oh and if
your plant bulb is old, I know the flourescents like mine are only good for
plants about 6 months even though they look the same as ever to you or me.
*  Do you have a really deep tank?
*  What sort of substrate are you using?  (Flourite, laterite, onyx sand,
beach sand, gravel etc?) and how deep is it?
*  What fertilizer did you add?  Have you added fertilizer before?  Was it
the same kind?  When, how much and how often did you use it?
*  Have you used any sort of chemical, medication, algeacide or bleached the
plants when you got them? (Or did the store?)
* Do you have any sort of decoration or ornament which could be leaking
*  How much do you feed your fish?

Oh and I have *no* idea what a skimmer is, is used for or costs... aside
from the kind used in marine tanks, which probably isn't the same thing at

Amanda Mason
cascade at arq_net

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 13:46:13 -0800 (PST)
From: AmethystMoon <amethystmoon_98 at yahoo_com>
Subject: dying plants HELP!!!

I'm reposting just in case.
can anybody help??
and what does a skimmer do? how do I get/make one?

> I have a question. My plants have suddenly
> dying off and i can't figure out why?