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Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator ) HELP

>Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:53:10 +1030
>From: "Dean and Melissa Williams" >DMWILLIAMS at bigpond_com>
>Subject: Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator ) HELP

>My problem is that the knurled knob on the Dupla >Regulator ahs to be
backed out a little ever >morning to increase the bubbles to the right
>amount and it stays that way all day (14hours >atleast) but when I check it
in the morning the >bubbles have slowed to about 1 per 4sec. from 2 >per
sec. the night before.

I have the Dupla Armatur Regulator, Yes the outlet valve ( Knurled valve )
does act this way especially when you have temperature swings. I ended up
getting NV-55 needle valves in order to control the bubbles per second.

>The Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator) that I have does not have a gauge on it
and seems to be >nonadjustable.

This is true the regulator is non adjustable.

>Cannot fine any leaks please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
>can a gauge be fitted to this Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator ) so I can
tell how much co2 is in the bottle.

You have no leaks.
I have fitted a gauge to this regulator, But it shows you the pre calibrated
output pressure which is about 1.2 kg/cm2, and not the bottle pressure.
You'll have to unscrew the countersunk allen screw on the top of the
regulator cylinder and fit your gauge there.

Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.